For travellers seeking to experience the ‘real’ Africa, Zambia is an ideal choice of destination. For the most part it is much less developed, and less Westernised than many other safari hotspots in Southern Africa, and therein lies its appeal to many people.

Zambia offers travellers incredible natural heritage. It boasts some of Southern Africa’s best wildlife areas, particularly South Luangwa National Park, and it shares with Zimbabwe one of the region’s major highlights: Victoria Falls. The falls are famous for their connection with the 19th Century explorer David Livingstone, and the colonial period is just one of many influences that has shaped modern Zambia’s rich and varied culture.

As a safari destination, Zambia’s ever-changing landscapes and bountiful water supplies mean that its diversity of animal species is huge. The rivers support large populations of Hippos and Crocodiles, while the associated grasslands provide plenty of grazing for herds of Zebras, Impalas and many species of Antelope. Avid bird watchers also flock to Zambia to glimpse its fabulous assortment of birds.


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